Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Survey Monkey

If you wish to conduct surveys (either for student feedback or as part of classes) SurveyMonkey is a really good survey site. You can design your own survey, selecting from a range of question types, and make it available online for people to complete by emailng a link or adding a link to your website. It will then summarise your results and enable you to analyse them in a number of ways.

This site offers a free basic service but you can upgrade for additional features.


Kaitlyn said...


Another service to consider is AskItOnline. It uses an intuitive drag 'n drop survey builder interface, allowing you to create powwerful online surveys with ease in minutes!

Our servers are also located outside of the USA (Canada), so you avoid issues related to the Patriot Act.

Also, it's free!

You can see the service here:

Terry said...

I have used SurveyMonkey before, but found the 10 questions limiting so I then came across Zoomerang. They offer up to 30 questions with their free account and they also have discounts for educators on their paid membership accounts. If you need more than 10 questions or are considering upgrading for expanded features Zoomerang is worth investigating, I have never been disappointed with my free or paid account (and they are less expensive even before my discount).