Thursday, December 4, 2008

Compulsive Traveller

If you want to access videos about travel, the Compulsive Traveller website is worth investigating. This site provides videos from around the world and provides an outlet for the videos taken by self confessed compulsive travellers with an option for users to add new ones. The videos can be found under themes such as people, places, great chefs of the world and funny videos and the site provides additional information about the featured destinations.

This site might be useful for projects about countries or tourism or in preperation for student residential visits, planning a holiday or just for interest.

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Jane Edwards said...

I think this is a really useful website Karen. I like that you can watch the videos about different places to get an insight as to what there is to do and see.

I came across a similar website the other day Its run by Responsible Travel and called I know a Great It's a bit like a social networking site for travellers who can share ideas, stories and experiences. It shows lots of different pictures, diaries and stories that people have written and where they have been. Well worth a look if you are need of some inspiration, advice or want to share your thoughts...