Monday, November 17, 2008

Attract students to get their attention

Speaking from personal experience, when I look at any website I have 3 thoughts in my the back of my mind

Do I need this information?
Can I see what I need to find easily?
Is it interesting?

It is important if we want students to use our website/online resources that they are clearly laid out / structured and also that there is something that encourages students to return soon. This may be amusing facts or regular updates/notices.

I was thinking of adding here as an entertaining site but then I reflected that as well as getting people onto the Internet some sites can distract too much! There is so much on this site the user can get distracted from the educational use of the internet.

Perhaps something like a thought for the day like the anecdote on this blog would be better. Alternatively using online polls/surveys where users get instant feedback might draw their attention.

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